About Us

The Shefa School opened its doors in 2014 and has quickly become the largest and most influential Jewish day school for students with learning differences. With its corps of master teachers and research-based pedagogy, Shefa has been extremely effective at educating struggling learners, nurturing them to harness strategies and strengths that promote success in the classroom. In so doing, The Shefa School has become the preeminent place within the day school ecosystem for the kind of research-based, differentiated, student-centered instruction that is essential for those with diagnosed learning challenges – who make up an estimated 20 percent of the day school student population.
The Shefa Center builds on the school’s mission by sharing the instructional philosophy and practices honed by Shefa’s faculty for application in day schools everywhere.  In other words, The Shefa Center ensures that The Shefa School lives up to its aspirations of serving as a lab school for Jewish day schools. The Shefa Center also serves as the professional development source for Shefa’s own teachers, who are deeply invested in their own continuous growth as educators and in staying at the forefront of research-based best practices.
Over the last few years, The Shefa Center has developed a number of signature programs, some aimed at empowering educators in other day schools – such as intensive workshops and school study tours  – and others chiefly to strengthen Shefa’s own faculty.
In addition, the Shefa Center team has become a go-to partner and resource for day school educators and leaders across North America who are looking to boost their own school’s capacity to educate diverse learners.
For more information about the Shefa Center and to learn about our programs, please email center@shefaschool.org.